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Titans ambassadors

Club Ambassador programme now open

North Lanarkshire Titans is pleased to announce recruitment for our Ambassador programme is now OPEN to applications.

As Club Ambassador, you will be supported to become a youth ambassador and role model. You will receive unique training to develop your leadership skills, life skills, confidence, and improve your future employability potential.

Who would make a good Ambassador?

  • Those keen to get more involved, helping out in their Titans session.
  • Those who want to get into volunteering, education or work and would like support getting there.
  • Those keen to explore their own interests, and gain formal qualifications.
  • Someone committed to the Titans organisation that wants to help positively impact the lives of others. 

What will ambassadors do?

  • As an Ambassador, you will be supported to identify personal goals to work towards – this could be anything, including getting into volunteering, education or employment.
  • Take on leadership roles within North Lanarkshire Titans, acting as positive role models for others.
  • Develop your own interests and skills.
  • Gain recognised qualifications and awards.
  • Plan and deliver events in your local community or as part of North Lanarkshire Titans.
  • Each Ambassador will be nominated a local high school to help promote NL Titans.
  • Assist in other ways to gain knowledge and experience.

What will Ambassadors receive?

  • Formal qualifications – including SCQF basketball qualifications, Child Protection, First Aid, Community Achievement Awards.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and undertake work experience.
  • Mentor support – every Ambassador will have a mentor, who will offer support and guidance on your journey.
  • All this can be used to make your CV to standout from the crowd!

Interested? Applications available on request. Contact your coach or a member of the Leadership Team for details. Or, email for more details.