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McGinley Coaching x Titans Basketball

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with McGinley Coaching.

Both organisations have huge similarities in the impact they currently make and wish to make in the future. The partnership with be a venture into the unknown as a football organisation and basketball club collide into the same world to provide our users with a unique opportunity in the coming months.

We are exciting to launch our first event in the coming months.

Look out for more details soon.


North Lanarkshire Titans CIC is a thriving community club based in the heart of North Lanarkshire.

The club, which is Community Interest Company, is looking to expand the knowledge and expertise of the Board of Directors ahead of one of the most exciting and challenging projects undertaken by the club. The next phase of our growth and development, aptly named Titans:NextLevel. The next phase of our club development.

To apply please email for the Job Description and other details.


Thank you to each organisation or company for helping us help you plus deliver an important message from our ‘Well-being’ stall.

North Lanarkshire Titans CIC – / @nltitans

Titans Club Shop –

Plato2Go –

Loukoumagic – www.

Weigh To Go –

Chris’s House –

Wear, Share, Care / Cash4Kids –
Accepting donations until Monday 25th April


As part of the #TitansNextLevel blueprint, we are delighted to offer Make It Happen / Skills Coach basketball coaching qualification to YOU!

With the rising numbers attending our classes, we always need an extra volunteer or two to help the smooth running of our classes and to maintain safe coaching practices including player:coach ratio.

We are offering parents, carers, older siblings (14yrs+) and YOU the opportunity to attend a FREE coaching course to become a volunteer coach with North Lanarkshire Titans. Along with an official coaching qualification, NL Titans will apply for your PVG certificate via Disclosure Scotland and you will have access to further development and safeguarding training.

If you are interested or would like more information, please email – add ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ in the subject title.

You must be able to attend the course on Wednesday 20th April (online) and Wednesday 27th April (on court) from 6.30-9.30pm, both days.


BIG NEWS: North Lanarkshire Titans CIC

We’ve got BIG news! We are delighted to announce North Lanarkshire Titans is now officially a Community Interest Company.

Community Interest Companies

North Lanarkshire Titans is a Community Interest Companies (CIC), I think it’s helpful for our members and local community to understand what that means. Below is a brief explanation and information.

A community interest company is a type of social enterprise introduced by the UK government in 2005 under the Companies Act 2004, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs have the flexibility and certainty of the company form, but with some special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community.

Being a social enterprise means that North Lanarkshire Titans works, as a charity does, for a greater good rather than simply making profits which is the aim of most private sector companies. As a social enterprise, North Lanarkshire Titans is part of what is known as the third sector along with charities, community groups and voluntary organisations. There are many social enterprises around and thousands of smaller organisations.

Any organisation can be a social enterprise there is no registration required or any special rules, which is why North Lanarkshire Titans has now decided to register as a community interest company. This means that we are a social enterprise but we can offer our users, the general public, the security and peace of mind knowing that we are a properly structured, registered and transparent company.

What is the difference between the North Lanarkshire Titans CIC and private sector companies?

Being a Community Interest Company means that we have registered with Companies House as all private sector companies do. However, there are two key differences between North Lanarkshire Titans, as a community interest company, and other private sector companies.

  • The first is that we have a social aim. Instead of putting all our focus into making profits for directors or share-holders, we work to fulfil our social aims working for families and children. Any profits we make are put back into North Lanarkshire Titans to further our work. No-one walks away with profits from North Lanarkshire Titans.
  • The second difference is that, should North Lanarkshire Titans ever have to close down, any assets that still exist in the company have to be given to another similar organisation a charity or another community interest company with similar aims. This is called our asset lock and it ensures that no individual or private sector company can make off with our assets.

We really appreciate all the help and support our users and local community give to us.

North Lanarkshire Titans CIC is on the Register of Companies held by Companies House. Through their Web check service, you can find out all our details on there.

If you would like more information about community interest companies, please visit their website.

Easter Holiday Timetable

Due to school closures over the Easter holidays, we are running several camps to provide basketball over the break, free of charge. The below timetable will replace our normal weekly timetable for Easter weeks ONLY.

On Tuesday 12th April, we will be hosting our first Open Day to welcome everyone along in a fun setting, you can bring along a friend to shoot some hoops, play 1v1 with your coach plus meet & greet our Senior Men players.

On the evening, we will have several stalls set out where you can learn about our Club sponsors and partners, purchase merchandise via @hoopfreakz and lots more.

Have you done your spring clean yet? We will have one stall dedicated to taking donations for the Wear, Care and Share initiative ran for Cash For Kids. More information to follow.

To book a place, please visit –

Every academic year, we notice a trend where numbers fall away over school holidays, some are lucky enough to be away on holiday or enjoying some down time to visit family. We really notice the drop off in the Easter holidays (SPRING BREAK!!!). Due to losing many of our lets as the schools fully close, we have condensed our timetable and provided free camps to keep the club and most importantly, our players active and in somewhat a routine throughout the break.
We hope to see many of you along to the camps and to the Open Day on 12th April where we will have lots of fun activities and stalls.

Robyn Tierney, Club Administrator


We are proud to launch TITANS: NEXT LEVEL campaign, that includes a new mission statement, improved and scaled vision for the club and new player pathways soon to be introduced from now to Season 2022/23 and beyond.

The “next level” name was chosen as we aim to take the club to the next stage and grow in all aspects we cover from players to coaches and everything in between.

You will find #TitansNextLevel attached to all our social media posts to alert you to everything we do that involves Titans:Next Level.

You can read more about Titans:NextLevel below.

Look out for ways you can get involved too. #TitansNextLevel

Sponsor Announcement

NL Titans x Official Team Sponsor

North Lanarkshire Titans are delighted to announce a new season-long sponsorship with local Greek food takeaway and dessert parlour, Plato2Go and Loukoumagic.

Our Official Team Sponsor will be proudly promoted on our Senior Men Division 1 shooting shirts for the entirety of Season 2021/22.

Owner of both businesses, George Tsamasfyris, who admittedly loves the game of basketball saw great potential in collaborating with North Lanarkshire Titans Basketball Club.

“I’m very pleased and overwhelmed with the opportunity to be sponsoring such a great team. It’s great to go along on this journey of success. This year will be a great year for the Titans,” said George. “As I am Greek, I can guarantee, that we will fight in the league like the Greek Titans and we will bring the best result possible.”

Club Administrator Robyn Tierney said, “This sponsorship deal will have a great impact on our Senior Men team, as the cost of the running a team rises every year from cost of games and specifically the forever-rising cost of hall hire” said Robyn. “We are delighted to have both Plato2Go and Loukoumagic as Official Team Sponsor. We thank George and the team for having trust in us and joining us on our journey to our first full Division 1 season.”

…we will fight in the league like the Greek Titans and we will bring the best result possible.

George Tsamasfyris, Owner of Plato2Go and Loukoumagic


Greek food take away shop. We do all traditional Greek food and all types of Greek street food from pita gyro and burgers.

26 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1AJ

01698 853016

Follow Plato2Go on Facebook & Instagram at Plato2Go

Visit –

Order here – Plato 2 Go Menu



Newly opened dessert parlour & Greek food take away shop. We do all traditional Greek food and all types of Greek street food. We do the traditional Greek donuts (cook to order), bubble waffle, crepes, ice cream, milkshakes , coffees, Greek desserts, modern desserts & more.

12 Brandon Street, Hamilton, ML3 6AB

01698 651203

Follow Loukoumagic on Facebook & Instagram at Loukoumagic

Visit –

More information about the sponsorship deal to follow..

Vacancy: Senior Men’s Basketball Coach 

Are you interested in a new coaching opportunity?

Our Senior Men Basketball team are looking for a new Head Coach to support the team in training and at games. 

To apply please send a note of interest accompanied with your experience (Coaching CV preferred) and explain why you believe you would be a good fit for the role and the club to the following email address: 

You may be asked to interview/informal chat with the Leadership Team of the club via Zoom. 

If you have any further questions about the position, please get in touch. 

Download the Job Description & Personal Specifications: