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North Lanarkshire Titans

Partnership Opportunities

As with the majority of sports clubs, the club is run by volunteers. These people are players, parents and coaches who give their time to ensure club members benefit. They administer the club, conduct the coaching and transport club members to activities and games.

What are the objectives of the club?

Our objective is to grow and sustain the Club over the coming years ahead. Every little bit of support goes a long way to helping maintain North Lanarkshire Titans Basketball Club. Our main focuses are:

  • Increasing number of sessions and launching specific sessions on health and fitness.
  • Looking at how the sport of basketball can become a force for positive change in our local community – giving kids a healthy and fun option, and helping them develop life skills they can use to support others and their own life journey.
  • Ensuring we can provide competitive options for all children and adults who want to develop these skills.
  • Having a pathway that enables kids to join the club and stay engaged well into their adult lives – monitor and measure this success.

We are excited at the possibility to have you on board, please reach out to Head of Operations, Robyn Tierney on with any questions or fill out the form above to receive Partnership Proposal.

To claim a partnership deal, please email our Partnership team on to become an official partner.

What will sponsorship do for the club?

Due to the increasing cost of venue hire, the entry fees league competition(s) and equipment costs are outpacing the income we make through Monthly Membership payments.  As a unincorporated association, we do not require to make profit – we always maintain and keep our monthly membership fees low costing and affordable compared to other Clubs, ensuring that this aspect is not a barrier to blocking potential players to join.

As a Club, we thrive on building partnerships within the community, to help the club continue the Clubs great work and meet the demand for basketball in North Lanarkshire.


What will Sponsors receive?

Some of the benefits available to NL Titans sponsors are:

  • Team Entitlement – Be our main sponsor.
  • Shirt Branding – Your logo on Team / Club Shooting Shirts.
  • Promotional Branding – Your logo added to our printed materials including posters and flyers.
  • Website – Promotions, advertising links and logo added to the website.

We would be delighted to discuss our objectives and plans, and any level of sponsorship that organisations or individuals are able to make. To sponsor North Lanarkshire Titans Basketball Club please contact us on for more details.