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Spring into Summer Timetable

We have an important update to share regarding the structure of our classes for May due to unforeseen circumstances, we require to adjust our Term-Timetable earlier than anticipated, before our yearly Summer Timetable starting in late June. 

If your child attends Tiny Titans, Mini Titans, Junior Titans, or Girls Can! classes, using the above ‘Spring into Summer’ timetable – your child can attend both classes in RED on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an extended period of 1.5hrs. 

For our competitive teams Under 10 through to Under 18’s, your training will remain the same for May (BLACK boxes).

But fear not! We’re turning this challenge into an opportunity for innovation and excitement. While there may be some adjustments to schedules and groups, rest assured that we’re committed to providing the same high-quality experience for your child and all of our players!! 

Head of Operations, Robyn Tierney said, “As we near the end of the school term and basketball season, we always look forward to our Summer Timetable, as it haas been a great success as we “go on tour” with Titans on Tour and do other things – this summer will be no different with a few added extras. We do need to launch this a little earlier than normal due to some of our coaching team going home for a well-deserved extended summer break. 

However as a club, we are aware our players and participants have different needs. On a Tuesday, we will have a ‘Quiet Class’ based in a gym hall (next door to the games hall), who prefer a relaxed, quiet basketball class with smaller numbers! 

After our announcement when we launched the Easter Timetable, we will continue to use ‘venue hubs‘, with St Andrews H.S. in Coatbridge as the North Hub and Clyde Valley H.S. in Wishaw as the South Hub. Both of these fantastic facilities we can access all year round and geographically work very well within our timetable, areas of Motherwell, Bellshill and parts of Airdrie can travel to the North Hub, South Hub or to both each week. 

Your support means everything to us, and we’re dedicated to making this Spring into Summer timetable successful and rewarding for all involved. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility! We hope you can take full advantage of the extra basketball opportunity!”

Stay tuned for more updates from June onwards, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

If you do have any questions, please reach out by email to (1-3 day turnaround) or by our dedicated NL Titans WhatsApp on 07805 330865 (24hr turnaround). 

new members

New members can join us for the ‘Spring into Summer’ timetable.

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